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Longzihu New Energy Laboratory Public Science and Technology Center

The Public Science and Technology Center of Longzihu New Energy Laboratory is a public technology service support platform established based on the laboratory and open to the whole society. This platform focuses on international academic cutting-edge research and industrial upgrading, focusing on the development plan and key deployment directions of building a national innovation highland in Henan Province, meeting the needs of strategic, pioneering, and forward-looking major transformative technologies and common basic research. It focuses on key scientific issues and cutting-edge technologies in the new energy field, adheres to the construction mechanism of "innovative cutting-edge, service scientific research, integration of production and research, and openness and efficiency", and is equipped with advanced technology A fully functional, high-quality service system and corresponding high-level management team are committed to building a modern public experimental center that is in line with international standards.

The Public Science and Technology Center has established analysis and testing equipment such as electron microscopy, X-ray, nuclear magnetic resonance, mass spectrometry, and spectroscopy to provide professional analysis, testing, characterization, method development, and scientific research cooperation in fields such as energy, materials, and low-carbon industry. It can engage in microstructure analysis, organic and inorganic composition and structure analysis, material structure and performance analysis, and layout key material characterization technologies and methods around basic research and engineering applications of new energy, promote the development and transformation of new technologies in the field of new energy. The center will strive to become an important shared support system for large-scale scientific instruments in Henan Province and the whole country, as well as a world-class public science and technology platform, providing high-quality services for local scientific research, economic construction, and cutting-edge research at home and abroad.