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R&D Center

Renewable Energy Center

The Renewable Energy Center consists of a new energy power generation team and a biomass engineering team, focusing on the two core tasks of wind and solar power generation, biomass energy, and materials. It develops original technologies and common scientific foundations for renewable energy power generation and comprehensive utilization, and creates two major highlights: a biomass efficient utilization platform and demonstration, and a wind and solar power material and unit demonstration platform.

Hydrogen Energy Storage Center

The Hydrogen Energy Storage Center consists of a power battery team, a large-scale energy storage team, a hydrogen production and storage team, and a hydrogen utilization team. Focusing on the transformation, upgrading, and strategic development needs of Henan's energy structure, and in response to the complex and ever-changing characteristics of its new energy generation and application scenarios, the Center conducts research on the common scientific issues and key technologies of transformative energy storage and hydrogen energy, and builds a first-class energy storage and hydrogen energy research and development platform, Promote the development of new energy technologies and industries in Henan Province.

Low Carbon Industrial System Center

The low-carbon industrial system center consists of a low-carbon industrial team, a high-energy fuel team, and a smart energy system team. Targeting typical major industrial processes, through raw material substitution, route change, and process reconstruction, we break through the challenges of catalyst/medium design, equipment strengthening, and system integration, transform energy consumption methods, and build a low-carbon smart industrial system driven by renewable energy, forming a million ton green hydrogen, green electricity, and low-carbon chemical transformation technology.