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Introduction Laboratory

Longzihu New Energy Laboratory is the third batch of Henan Provincial Laboratories jointly built by Henan University and Zhengzhou Zhongke Emerging Industry Technology Research Institute. It is a reserve team for the national laboratory and is headquartered in Zhengzhou. The unveiling ceremony will be held on September 22, 2022, and the official registration will be held on December 20. The laboratory director is Academician Zhang Suojiang.

The laboratory focuses on national energy and the "dual carbon" major strategy, carries out strategic, pioneering, and forward-looking major transformative technology and common basic research, establishes three major centers, namely the Renewable Energy Center, Hydrogen Energy Storage Center, and Low Carbon Industrial System Center, focuses on six main directions, and creates an "production storage use" innovation chain for wind and solar power, biomass energy, hydrogen energy storage, low-carbon industrial energy consumption, and multi energy complementary smart systems. The laboratory has established a dedicated research team of over 100 people led by academicians and outstanding young people, implementing a research system and mechanism of "task oriented, collaborative research, open sharing, and dynamic adjustment". It is committed to building a domestically leading and internationally first-class new energy innovation highland and research and development center, leading the development of the new energy industry, and supporting the transformation of low-carbon industry and intelligent society.